Welcome To Skiddle: Clique Glasgow

We are excited to introduce our newest affiliate, a rising fashion collective known as Clique Glasgow.

Situated in the lively heart of Scotland’s largest city, Clique is an innovative project brought to life by four local designers who share a common vision. Their goal is straightforward: to nurture a vibrant and all-encompassing creative community across Scotland while removing the obstacles that have hindered marginalised groups and working-class artists from fully exploring their creative talents.

Clique is the embodiment of its founders’ passion and vision, united by a profound commitment to enriching the Scottish creative landscape. Their conviction is simple: true innovation and progress can only thrive when every voice is heard, regardless of background or means. Clique exemplifies the transformational impact of community-driven action.

At its core, Clique understands the unique challenges faced by designers in Scotland. The team isn’t just advocating for change; they’re actively involved in shaping it. Their intimate knowledge of the creative landscape ensures that their resources and support are finely tuned to meet the specific needs of Scottish creatives.

Sustainability, inclusion, and the removal of financial barriers are the cornerstones of Clique’s mission. They firmly believe that these principles are essential to creating an environment where creativity can flourish unburdened. Their commitment to sustainability extends beyond design practices, embracing broader ecological and social responsibilities.

Credit: Nate Cleary / Clique Glasgow

Inclusion is woven into Clique’s DNA. They champion diversity, equity, and representation, tirelessly working to amplify voices that have long been marginalized. Their goal is to create spaces and opportunities where all creatives feel valued, respected, and empowered to share their unique perspectives.

Perhaps most notably, breaking financial barriers takes center stage in Clique’s mission. They’re unwavering in their belief that financial constraints should never stifle creative expression. Through innovative programs and initiatives, they’re building avenues for artists and designers to thrive, regardless of their economic circumstances.

Clique Glasgow isn’t just an initiative; it’s a beacon of hope for the Scottish creative community, a testament to what can be achieved when like-minded individuals come together with a shared vision of empowerment, inclusion, and boundless creativity.

Speaking about Clique’s recently announced partnership with Skiddle, co-founder Jennifer McDonald Honnan, said:

“We’ve already had great support from the Skiddle team. The platform is intuitive and couldn’t be easier to use and financially, it’s a brilliant option for us being a start-up social enterprise. We’re excited to see what our partnership with Skiddle brings in the future!”

Clique Glasgow will be hosting an array of events in 2024 including markets, workshops, networking events and socials, runway shows, pop-up shops and more. Follow the brand’s Instagram page – www.instagram.com/cliqueglasgow – to keep up to date with upcoming events.

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