Well done to Skiddle’s Mo Bros!

Skiddle is proud to congratulate our Mo Bros for making it all the way through the month.

Although initially a challenge for every man in the office, some didn’t start, some couldn’t stick it and some look like they’re still trying (yes, I mean you Jordon!). It’s been a lot of fun for the whole office and it’s all in the name of charity.

At the end of the month, only two men remain on the battlefield. These glorious warriors have lived through great hardship, ostracism and ritual humiliation by strangers and their peers alike.

In the name of the cause and with no remaining dignity, these two lions of men, stand victorious (and goofy looking).

Well done Rob & Simon

Rob Dixon, Skidlde Developer and his Moustache  Simon Dalley - Skiddle's Head of Marketing and his Moustache