Why Choose Skiddle.com To Sell Your Event Tickets?

So you’ve got the unenviable choice of trying to find the right company to aid you in the sale of your tickets, as such there are a few things you should probably know about Skiddle.

See below reasons you should get on board with Skiddle:

Skiddle is YOUR Team

Skiddle are here for you when you need us, 6 days a week, meaning you literally have your own team of personnel you can rely on within Skiddle who are dedicated to being there when you need them most. Skiddle becomes an extension or replacement of your IT and marketing departments, meaning you can focus on what you do best, organising and running your event. Skiddle has well over a decade’s experience in the live events sector, we’ve been there and seen it all.

We’ll grow your business

Skiddle has been instrumental in the growth of countless events and the businesses that back them. When a promoter adds an event to Skiddle.com their online fortunes can only go in one direction! At Skiddle we are focussed on maintaining our momentous growth which helps you grow your events to dazzlingly new heights.

We focus on our people

Skiddle is a technology business providing solutions for the live events sector, the thing is, technology is easy whereas people can be very complicated. As such we employ a certain type of person, the type that goes that extra mile for our customers, making sure that we spend time developing all our staff to ensure Skiddle is the service provider you can rely on us to best represent your business when dealing with your event goers, and best represent your interests.

We live by our core values

In fact, we live and die by our core values. Skiddle is a family, and we spend time to ensure we’ve all got the same values and aspirations, these core values make sure we strive to be the most supportive business our clients are likely to encounter.

Building partnerships with our clients

We don’t just see the event promoters that use Skiddle as clients. We’re always being told that other providers don’t treat event promoters like real business operators. At Skiddle we like to build the kind of partnerships that last a lifetime and whether you’re changing the face of the live events sector or are just starting out you can rest assured you’ll get all of our attention.

Leading the way with innovative technologies

Skiddle was the first events listing website in the world to offer realtime editing of events listings back in 2001, leading the way in what would become known in the following couple of years as web 2.0, not resting on our laurels, amongst a range of developments, Skiddle’s R&D team has gone on to develop the first Facebook ticket shop app and later the first Timeline integrated Facebook Ticket Shop. This dedication to technology gives Skiddle’s clients the competitive edge.

Because we’re different!

There are a few really big primary ticket outlets who are all talk and very little substance, likewise there has been a proliferation in recent years of flash in the pan, smaller primary ticket outlets that struggle to make it work. Skiddle has been around for over a decade and is still run by the two down to earth, hard working and honest guys that set it up all those years ago. We’re not here to make a quick buck, we love the live events industry and we are proud to be at the heart of the events promotion sector, not riding the wave, but nurturing its development.