Skiddle’s iOS app gets a refurb

Our appealing and easy-to-navigate iOS app just got a sleek new facelift, thanks to the hardworking development team at Skiddle HQ. The major revamp has introduced several new changes to the iPhone operating app, affecting both its appearance and functionality. The eagle-eyed amongst you may have already noticed the new look, with the update being…

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Skiddle Creates: Our creative team and what they can do for your brand

Our extensive creative team here at Skiddle are a passionate bunch, dedicated to devising, planning and executing content pieces of an exceptional standard to engage both existing and potential new customers.  From feature-length documentaries and wide-reaching social media competitions to ‘Spotlight Freshers Tours’ with established live acts performing in venues around the UK – our…

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What is the Skiddle Queue?

When a popular event is placed on sale, Skiddle can receive up to 20,000% more traffic than usual, due to the high demand. This extra traffic can also be quite unpredictable – with many customers hitting ‘refresh/f5’ to get access to tickets the minute they go on sale. As such, the demand on our servers…

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Welcome To Skiddle

At the end of every quarter throughout the year, we’ll be dedicating this brand new space to welcoming some of those who’ve recently made the sound decision to sign with us here at Skiddle.   Not too dissimilar from your local or favourite football team, our Welcome to Skiddle blogs will proudly shout about each of…

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Top Tips for NYE

Just because the party has started, doesn’t mean the sales have to stop! Thanks to the Rapidscan app updating live, you can keep your tickets open into the night, selling even after the party has started! Amending ticket close times in the original Promotion Centre Locate your tickets in the sell tickets tab and click…

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