A graphic designer’s hacks for creating the best event artwork

One of the most important parts of selling tickets to your event is making it stand out. People are constantly being bombarded with advertisements, so how do you cut through all that noise? Well, we’ve asked a graphic designer to give out some tips on how to make sure that the artwork surrounding your event is a step above the rest.

Central alignment

This is all about making sure that your main feature takes centre stage and that people are instantly drawn to it. Think Grand Budapest Hotel!

Colour palette

It’s important to get your colour pallet sorted out before you start designing. Take time to figure out what your main colour is going to be and give prominence to the most important features.

Sans serif and capitals

Sans serif fonts and capitals work best. ‘Sans’ is French for without, it means without all the little flourishes on the letters. think the opposite of Times New Roman.


Do not overcrowd your poster! A lot of what you want to say can be in the description, keep it simplistic with the key information of the event. You want just enough information to get event-goers interested, think headline names, dates and location.


Try to use only vector-based typography or graphics. Photography can pixelate, vectors can’t.


Make it original. This may sound obvious and maybe even difficult to do but have a good look at what else is out there. Use Pinterest, Designinspiration but always make sure that the design is unique to you.

Tone of voice (TOV)

You have to think about the voice that you’re using for your event and how your audience will respond to it. Is it a serious event? Is George Clooney the voice or is Annie Mac? Maybe it’s Alan Carr or Mr Blobby? Who do you imagine is reading your poster? And how do you want the tone to speak to them?

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