Halloween Events See A Growth In Traffic

It’s safe to say 2012 has been a grim year for the gigs and events industry,  with the Diamond Jubilee, Olympics, the government talking up the recession and all the wet weather. There’s been a lot going on to distract the event goers from event going.

Halloween is the next big night out on many people’s calendar and search trends and traffic stats from Skiddle.com and Google indicate people are searching in their droves for a bit of fun before Winter really takes hold.

Halloween is a lot of fun, and it’s not really that difficult to arrange a Halloween party, just dress the place up with cobwebs and pumpkins and encourage your guests to wear Halloween costumes, perhaps come up with some interesting Halloween drinks and you can be sure you’re onto a winner.

Why should you list your Halloween events sooner rather than later

This year compared to last year, over September and early October, Skiddle has seen a 22% growth in the number of people finding the content on Skiddle.com through Halloween related search terms. We’ve also seen a massive 300% increase in the number of people using our onpage search tool to find Halloween related content on Skiddle.com which is proving to be a major advantage to all of our customers who have listed their Halloween events.

Overall, Google Trends is reporting an increase a noticeable increase in the number of people in the UK carrying out Halloween searches through Google compared to last year, indicating the demand we’ve seen on Skiddle.com reflects a greater public demand.

To further back up this increase in public demand for Halloween events we’ve created a range of Halloween related content that’s acting as an additional draw, directing an increasing amount of visitors to Skiddle.com to review our Halloween offers, covering both events, restaurants and hotels.

Visit Skiddle’s Promotion Centre to get your Halloween Events listed on Skiddle.