Day 2: How do you feature your event on Skiddle?

In the lead up to New Year’s Eve we thought we’d offer you some handy hints and tips to help your event get noticed, and hopefully help you sell even more tickets for your New Year’s Eve event! Today we’re looking at how to feature your event on Skiddle.

Why should you feature your events on Skiddle?

There are a number of benefits to having your event featured on Skiddle. The most obvious benefit of having your event featured is the event will appear promoted across the site and your event will appear more prominently to the millions of users that use our event guides each month.

We’ll also guarantee your events inclusion in our weekly newsletter which reaches everyone in the area around your event, up to 90,000 people (we send out more newsletters in the run up to New Year’s Eve).

Generally speaking, featured events get around 5x more views than regular events so featuring your event is a fantastic way of helping to gain new interest in your event.

Featuring an event on Skiddle

Less obvious perhaps is that featuring your event on Skiddle can act as a trigger for members of the team within Skiddle indicating that your event needs more promotion and this can put in place a series of events that can lead to your event being featured in more ways than simply appearing in the listings. If you’d like to discuss this contact one of our account managers using the details below.

Feature your NYE events on Skiddle Now!

To feature your event on Skiddle head over to https://www.skiddle.com/promotion/events-overview.php and edit your event listing. If you’ve not already registered as a promoter on Skiddle you’ll be asked to do so and you’ll be able feature your events when adding them. If you’d like to discuss other options regarding promoting your event with Skiddle please email actmanagers@skiddle.com or call 0843 289 9489.