How to Ticket a Corporate Event

Most will not have considered the prospect of using a ticket outlet such as Skiddle to ticket their respective corporate events. The temptation is to simply throw a load of names down on a spreadsheet on Microsoft Excel, and manually cross off names as people arrive. Simple, yes. Effective, kind of.

There are however a lot of opportunities that this option deprives you of. With Skiddle looking after your corporate ticketing, you are open to a whole world of possibilities. One such aspect is promotion. With our website your event will be given a massively increased internet presence and the ability to be able to directly target an audience that fits with your event, be it a product launch, sales conference, or a meeting of potential business partners.

Corporate event ticketing through Skiddle will also give a much more professional aesthetic and feel. Arriving with purposefully printed and delivered tickets for corporate events will give an air of professionalism that would not be achieved by marking off a name on a spreadsheet.

This is also hassle free for you, the organizer. With enough to think about with the comings and goings involved with putting together the event in the first place, you can now leave all the ticketing to Skiddle, who will do all the hard work for you.

Its entirely free to register, and features a password protected functionality that keeps all your data secure.

Skiddle also has a whole host of cutting edge of technology behind it, including customising the type of ticket you want to use, having an online inventory available at all times, and analytics, to see where your attendees are finding your event, the search words they are using, when they are finding the event, and how much internet traffic your event is getting.

Skiddle can be an invaluable part of your event management, an added ingredient to make your corporate event as successful as it can possibly be. Our conference ticket solutions might just mean the difference between you and another competitor, making you stand out from the crowd.

For more information about promoting an event with Skiddle please visit our Promotion Centre.

This blog post was contributed to by Leeds based events management specialists DFA Productions.