NYE Support from Customer Care

Our Customer Care department is preparing for a very busy Christmas and New Year. With the support of our promoters and our RapidScan entry system we’re confident that customers will be able to easily enter your event and have a great night. Should any issues arise, we’ll work with you to ensure that customers are kept happy and want to attend your events year after year.

Checking our socials

Customers can take to Twitter or Facebook if they have any issues so even after our offices close we’ll be keeping an eye out for anyone who’s having last minute ticket issues. We also do everything we can to make sure that customers retrieve their tickets in good time before the event and there’s lots of helpful info for them on our FAQ page.

Making sure you’re comfortable with RapidScan

It’s vitally important that you scan tickets so that we can deal with any queries regarding entry quickly and efficiently. Should you have any questions about how to use RapidScan then please don’t hesitate to give our support team a call on 03333 01 03 01 and they’ll be more than happy to give you a run through.

There’s also lots of useful info about RapidScan here.

Keeping customers happy

Most issues can be solved on the night but unfortunately some customers leave it until after the event to let us know there’s been a problem. We do our best to keep customers as happy as possible so please ensure that you’re contactable before, during and after the event by keeping your details up to date. We’ll send any queries over to you via email and may place a hold on either the individual ticket funds or the account should there be a higher number received.

We ask that you put yourself in the customer’s shoes when deciding whether a refund is due. Although we operate a no refund policy, offering a refund if a customer has had a bad experience or complimentary tickets is the best way of retaining their business and they’ll love both you and Skiddle for it.

Here’s some more top tips for a successful and problem free New Year’s Eve

  • Provide as much event information as possible on the event so that customer’s know what’s what. The more info you include then the less we’ll need to contact you to check things out for customers. As you can appreciate we want to help them as much as possible but it’s going to be very busy.
  • Encourage customers to self serve. Most queries can be resolved online i.e re-send their ticket collection email, update details, add their ticket to Re:Sell. If someone arrives at your event without their ticket then a bit of help from door staff checking their details with photo ID or their payment card can mean their ticket can manually be redeemed within the app.
  • If your event is cancelled or postponed you must let us know to stop customers from turning up to the event, which as you can agree would be very frustrating for them. Unfortunately this can still happen and although we do our best to keep our finger on the pulse, we rely on you to make sure a cancellation is processed.
  • Ensure that any refund requests are responded to and resolved within five working days following your event.
  • TOP TIP ALERT! Advertise the last entry an hour before you actually need it to be. We’ve found that customers will push their luck with last entry times because they know that there can be some leeway depending on the event. To solve this simply advertise the real last entry an hour or two earlier and you’ll find that everyone will be in when you want them to be.

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