Promoting Your Restaurant Around Mother’s Day

One of the key dates in the restaurant calendar has to be Mother’s Day and Skiddle helps restaurateurs up and down the UK to get a load of table reservations over this period, we thought we’d give restaurants some tips on promoting their restaurant for Mother’s Day.

It would be a bit remiss of us not to say make sure your restaurant’s on Skiddle wouldn’t it? In order to get your restaurant featured on Skiddle all you have to do is get your restaurant listed with Livebookings (that’s where we get our restaurant feed from), if you’ve got special offers and deals on meals these will be pulled through and displayed by Skiddle automatically.

Visit our Mother’s Day Restaurant Deals to have a look at the restaurants we’ve got included in our guide.

If you’d like Skiddle to help promote your restaurant we have a number of further opportunities including editorial, advertorial (where appropriate) and banner advertising – just give us a call on 0843 2893333 and have a chat with one of our account managers.

Restaurants who make the effort on Mother’s Day can see some very real benefits from families that aren’t going to let their mum do the cooking on this special day and instead take her out for a meal. By targeting Mother’s Day with events, promotions and deals/offers you should be able to tempt those people out of the woodwork who don’t often go to restaurants (bear in mind restaurant goers will be easier to convert).

Be careful in the types of menu you offer for Mother’s Day, have a hard think about the type of people that are going to come to the restaurant on Mother’s Day, you’re going to get your regulars, the ones you can always count on, you’re also going to get the less than regulars and the newbies. Remember that any of those categories of restaurant visitors may or may not be the mum of the family, make sure there’s something on the menu that will cater for a family that’s less adventurous “eater outers” who are perhaps more comfortable with classic recipes (we use the term loosely) from the 70s – just keep it simple.

Be sure to think champagne – letting everyone know they can have champagne is something that will turn people’s eye, although don’t expect to sell loads, mum won’t want to be too extravagant.

If you’re putting on some kind of Mother’s Day event be sure to get it listed on Skiddle’s Promotion Centre as well!