Viagogo accused of “moral repugnance” after Ed Sheeran charity tickets appear on site with excessive mark up

Image: Ed Sheeran

In what might be one of the most unsavoury developments in secondary ticketing yet, tickets for a sold-out charity concert Ed Sheeran will be performing at have appeared on re-sell websites for extortionate prices. Sheeran, who is no stranger to being targetted by touts, will be performing at the Royal Albert Hall to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust, with tickets with a face value of £75 appearing for as much as £1750, as reported by the Guardian. That’s over 2000% more than the original price.

Understandably the charity are vehement in their condemnation, releasing a statement which points out “the only people who should profit from Teenage Cancer Trust at the Royal Albert Hall are young people with cancer.” They will be introducing a number of security measures to ensure nobody with tickets purchased in this way will be allowed entry.

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