Day 15: What blogs have most interested event promoters in 2013?

Today is Day 15 in our series leading up to New Year’s Eve and as we’re getting that bit closer to the end of the year we thought we’d have a look at the top 10 blogs on blog.skiddle.com over the last twelve months.

  1. Mixmag LogoSkiddle Powers Mixmag Ticket Sales: This year we announced we’d be powering event listings and ticket sales for Mixmag. This combining of the two brands proved really popular and many of Skiddle’s event promoters have loved featuring on another established, music industry authority site.
  2. Skiddle Sponsorship of Preston North End: Towards the start of this year we announced we would be sponsoring Skiddle’s local professional football team: Preston North End.
  3. How to get businesses to book your venue – thinking about getting corporate events in through the doors
  4. New Feature Roundup – in Feburary we unveiled a whole host of new features and this blog post has continued to remain a favourite.
  5. Jimmy Carr Skiddle Bus PitstopJimmy Carr’s Big Head – we took the SkiddleBus and a 15 foot tall replica of Jimmy Carr’s Head up to The Wickerman Festival.
  6. Using wristbands to secure your event – this was a guest post on the Skiddle blog and has proved to stand the test of time!
  7. Discounted tickets – we looked into how you can use Skiddle to sell discounted tickets to a limited group.
  8. Your website or Skiddle? – here we explored the difference between going it alone or selling tickets with Skiddle
  9. Using Social Media to Promote an Event – thinking about using social media for event promotion
  10. The changing importance of Velentine’s Day – this one could be quite pertinent this year with Valentine’s Day landing on a Friday in 2014.

Keep pushing your New Year’s Eve events now – there’s lots of competition out there but if you consistently push your event forwards it’s likely you’ll be heard about the humdrum. If you’ve not already added your ticket get to it the busiest day for NYE ticket sales is almost upon us. Add your event with tickets to Skiddle just head over to our Promotion Centre. Visit: http://www.skiddle.com/promotion